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Trial lesson Voucher                                                                        £50


     Up to 15 minutes soaring or 2 circuits

     The above confers 1 month's  full club membership




     Full Flying member                                                                   £400

     Junior flying member (School)                                                £50

     Junior flying member (16-25)                                                  £75

     Associate member (all ages)                                                    £55 per annum


            Family members can pay half the appropriate subscription 

            if an adult is already a full flying member


     Temporary member (non SGA)                                                £10 per day  

            or                                                                                            £40 per week


            An associate member can use all the facilities of the club

            but a full flying member has priority for flying.




     Winch Launch - club aircraft                                                     £7

     Soaring Charge                                                                            £0.25 per minute charged  for first 2 hrs

     Winch launch - private aircraft                                                 £10




     Rigged aircraft                                                                           £80 per annum

     De-rigged                                                                                   £40 per annum

          These include trailer parking


TRAILER PARKING                                                                          £40 per annum

                                                                                                          £10 per week




     Visiting aircraft landing fee                                                    £10

     Membership including hangarage                                       £500 per annum (if hangar space is available)




Dumfries & District Gliding Club
Dumfries DG2 8EB

Tel: +44 7849 034194

Want to become a member?

Call us on: +44 7849 034194


or contact us directly using our online contact form.




Coming soon! Flying week for 2022 and Open Week for visitors. Watch this space and Facebook for updates.

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