We are a small, friendly club in which everyone chips in and pulls together and visitors are always made welcome. Our new clubhouse is the ideal spot to watch the gliders taking off and landing or to simply sit and watch the local wildlife.

The airfield is situated 600 feet above sea level on Plascow Rig (ridge) and less than five miles from the Solway Firth. We have good thermal and wave conditions with a 3-mile long 1200 foot high ridge 2.8 miles east of the airfield which is flyable when the wind is anywhere between North-West and South-West which is almost always.

We fly every weekend throughout the year (weather permitting) - some very good flying is done through the winter - but be sure to wrap up well!
From Spring to Autumn we will be flying weekends and sometimes weekdays . We will also have some full flying weeks during the holiday season .